CRISPOR (paper) is a program that helps design, evaluate and clone guide sequences for the CRISPR/Cas9 system. CRISPOR Manual
Jan 2019: Fixed CCtop, PAR support Full list of changes
Nov 2018: Fixed S. aureus Tycko score Full list of changes
Step 1
Planning a lentiviral gene knockout screen? Use CRISPOR Batch
Sequence name (optional):
Enter a single genomic sequence, < 2000 bp, typically an exon
Clear Box - Reset to default
Text case is preserved, e.g. you can mark ATGs with lowercase.
Instead of a sequence, you can paste a chromosome range, e.g. chr1:11,130,540-11,130,751
Step 2
Select a genome

Note: pre-calculated exonic guides for this species are on the UCSC Genome Browser.
We have 2 genomes, but not the one you need? Send its FASTA/GFF URL to CRISPOR support
Step 3
Select a Protospacer Adjacent Motif (PAM)
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